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Sportswear、 bodybuilding pants、swimwear、underwear、 toys、 footwear、 automotive interiors、home textiles、advertising media.
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3D corduroy

Spandex super soft

Spandex super soft printing

No downfall

No downfall 2×2

Not inverted and brushed 1

Not inverted and brushed 2

Super soft burnout

Dutch velvet printing 2

Dutch velvet printing 3

Dutch velvet printing 4

Mesh cloth

Sun velvet

Cationic jacquard

Cationic sliver

Golden velvet

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Haining Hongfa Knitting Co., Ltd.
Used in sportswear, bodybuilding pants, swimwear, underwear, toys, footwear, automotive interiors, home textiles, advertising media, etc.
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Enterprise: R&D is a "good thing" that needs to be persisted for a long time

The formal implementation of the "Code" is no small matter for many domestic cashmere products enterprises. The demand orientation of domestic consumers for health is on the one hand. The st


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Popular leisure brands may disappear in the next 5 to 10 years

We are in an era of “moving” scarcity, and we are surrounded by a large number of undifferentiated, unmoving products.Whether it is design innovation or disruptive innovation, different companies can


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The competitiveness of China's textile and apparel industry has dropped significantly, and industrial upgrading is imperative

The continuous rise in costs has led to a significant decline in the international competitiveness of China's textile industry. From the perspective of the development of the global textile indust


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Laundering method of composite fabric

How to wash composite fabrics? Composite fabric washing method, due to the manufacturing process of composite fabrics and the processing of a variety of fabrics, we need to pay attention to many point


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Composite fabric-waterproof and breathable fabric

Composite fabrics are two or more fabrics combined together. Composite fabrics are not actually waterproof and breathable. This is a misunderstanding of the market. Strictly speaking, waterproof and b

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