Laundering method of composite fabric

2020-08-10 17:11:59 Haining Hongfa Knitting Co., Ltd. Read

How to wash composite fabrics? Composite fabric washing method, due to the manufacturing process of composite fabrics and the processing of a variety of fabrics, we need to pay attention to many points when washing the fabrics, such as the temperature of the water during washing, the choice of detergent, and when washing the fabric The materials used, and our drying conditions after washing. Then the editor will tell you the washing techniques for washing composite fabrics.

Step 1: Dry cleaning is also effective. The advantage of dry cleaning is that it can not only clean the surface dirt but also the dirt and stains of the lining, and the efficiency is much higher than manual cleaning. Among them, tetrachloroethylene is an ideal material, and it is a dry cleaning agent commonly used in the laundry industry. However, tetrachloroethylene has a certain degree of toxicity, and it has high requirements on the sealing system of the washing machine. The content of tetrachloroethylene in the air outside the washing machine must be controlled within 100PPM to meet safety standards. Therefore, in general, the editor recommends If you use dry cleaning, you should still send it to a special dry cleaner for cleaning. If you do it yourself, there is a safety hazard. And sometimes, it is not enough to remove certain special stains with dry cleaning agents, and some dry cleaning auxiliaries are often needed to cooperate with them, such as detergents, detergent additives and so on. Step 2: In the absence of machine washing conditions, a method of washing some composite fabrics that are not very dirty. Commonly used cleaning materials are a mixture of alcohol, water, and ammonia, and some are weak Alkaline cleaning agents, these are cleaning methods for the fleece composite clothes with a small stain range, these methods are very good. Step 3: In the case of hand washing, we cannot use brushes, and the strength must be controlled very well, because if the wool falls too much, your clothes will not keep warm, and the value of the fabric is also very large. The damage, so friends who wash wool fabrics pay attention.