Enterprise: R&D is a "good thing" that needs to be persisted for a long time

2020-08-10 16:58:48 Haining Hongfa Knitting Co., Ltd. Read

The formal implementation of the "Code" is no small matter for many domestic cashmere products enterprises. The demand orientation of domestic consumers for health is on the one hand. The strict safety technical requirements from the international market have brought real pressure for export. Regarding this change at the beginning of the year, Han Jun showed unexpected calmness and even some joy: “Opel has long been ahead in terms of health and safety.” According to him, Opel’s products have been sold in Europe, the United States, and Japan. It is also unimpeded in the international market.

According to an analysis by a senior industry insider, the current domestic cashmere products companies want to grow bigger and stronger, there are no more than two ways: one is to make products, and the other is to market. However, both of these require capital investment. Marketing, advertising, and expansion of sales channels often yield quick results. Product and R&D are "good things" that need to be adhered to for a long time. Especially when consumers are not very conscious of the health of clothing, focusing corporate funds on research and development and making high-quality products far superior to the requirements of the "Code" may take some risks. But Han Jun is convinced that this is in line with the development direction of consumer trends.

In order to cope with the increasingly fierce competition in the international market, Han Jun said, “The most fundamental thing is to master the technology of its own intellectual property rights. It must not only conform to international standards, but also reduce product prices through mass production and cost management. Is the way out."